Paddy Ambrose

Paddy Ambrose, born in Clontarf, Dublin, Irish Free State on October 17, 1928, was an excellent professional football player and coach of the Ireland national football team. As the best striker of Shamrock Rovers, he won 109 League goals, breaking a record of the football club. For outstanding performances on football fields, he acted as the leading scorer at the football club for many season, including 1953–54, 1954–55, 1955–56 (20 goals) and 1960–61.

Renowned as a top-ranked football player, the man earned five caps, winning one goal in a match for the Republic of Ireland national football team. For great contributions made by Paddy Ambrose to Rovers, he was awarded a gold medals by the directors, aiming at marking the 15 consecutive years’ services of the eminent football player. In his playing career, he played many matches in different size – international competitions or minor tournaments.

In 2002, Irish soccer lost its favorite son for the passing away of Paddy Ambrose. He was 73. Throughout his whole life, Paddy Ambrose, known as a football player with hooped jerseys, was a gifted forward, and starred with his friend Liam Tuohy in the football club.

Remarks on Paddy Ambrose by Liam Tuohy are as follows:

“Although he was not bulky, he was strong, naturally fit, and an excellent center-forward.”

“After 36 years have passed, he is still the record holder of 109 League goals.”

Graham Barrett

As a gifted professional football player, Graham Barrett started learning football when he was young. Graham Barrett was born in Dublin, Ireland on 6 Oct., 1981. He started his playing career with Arsenal, in which he won the FA Youth Cup. In 1998, he signed his first professional contract with Arsenal. After accomplishing his debut for the Gunners as a substitute, he also featured as a substitute at a match against Sunderland.

In 2003, he bid a farewell to Highbury, and then signed a three-year contract with Coventry City on 30 May. But in this period, he was still haunted by injuries while he made 32 league starts and 23 substitute appearances. In March 2005, Graham Barrett became a member of Sheffield Wednesday on the loan deadline day.

He transferred to Falkirk by a two-year contract with Scottish side. After the end of cooperation with Coventry in August 2006. Unfortunately, Barrett suffered further injuries in October 2006. So, a knee operation has to be conducted in short time. After recovering from his knee injuries, he sign a one-year contract extension in March 2008.

For his eminent experiences, outstanding competence, unremitting efforts, dynamic energy and the like, Barrett has participated in many matches on behalf of the Republic of Ireland. He earned 24 caps to play for the Ireland national football team while scoring five goals for the Irish U21.

Leon Best

Leon Best was born in Nottingham, England. As an excellent football player, he has played for many football clubs and the Ireland national football team. While in his teens, he decided to play football for Ireland that the country braised his mother. Best started his playing career with Notts County prior to become a coach of then Premier League club Southampton. In 2004, he accomplished his first professional appearance at Queens Park Rangers on his 18th birthday.

Best was also loaned to Sheffield Wednesday in the 2005-06 season, winning his first professional score and Wednesday’s first of the season. But unfortunately, the first loan spell was ended in advance for injuries, and Best returned to St. Mary’s after only five days in Sheffield. Best went back to Hillsborough after recovering with Southampton.

In August 2006, Best joined Ligue 1 Bournemouth on a month-long loan deal with an option to extend his stay. He went back to Southampton at the end of the three-month loan spell. During this time, he appeared at 15 league matches and won three league goals. In October 2013, he, along with his teammate Martin Cranie, was loaned to Yeovil Town until 22 February 2007.

In 2010, he signed a three-and-half-year contract with Newcastle United for £1,500,000. Best won his first goal for Newcastle in a pre-season friendly against Carlisle United on 17 July 2010.

Rafael Carioca

Rafael Carioca was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Jan. 16, 1989. Played as a defensive Midfielder of Brazil, he plays an important role in fierce competitions with many football teams. When has was young, he started leaning football and showed great interests to football. Not only raw talents, but also unremitting efforts and constant footsteps are factors propelled his progress, turning to be an excellent football player of Brazil national football team.

Rafael Carioca

For outstanding performance on football fields, he became a player of the first team. Rafael Carioca was sent back to the youth group for bad performances. He was given another chance for higher position and more opportunities for important matches. Fortunately, he gradually caught attention of coach for good achievements on football fields, taking good advantage of the second chance in his playing career. He is also known for good records in matches, with only five yellow cards in the season. On Aug. 22, he played for Brazil senior group in a match against Ecuador and Colombia.