Paddy Ambrose

Paddy Ambrose, born in Clontarf, Dublin, Irish Free State on October 17, 1928, was an excellent professional football player and coach of the Ireland national football team. As the best striker of Shamrock Rovers, he won 109 League goals, breaking a record of the football club. For outstanding performances on football fields, he acted as the leading scorer at the football club for many season, including 1953–54, 1954–55, 1955–56 (20 goals) and 1960–61.

Renowned as a top-ranked football player, the man earned five caps, winning one goal in a match for the Republic of Ireland national football team. For great contributions made by Paddy Ambrose to Rovers, he was awarded a gold medals by the directors, aiming at marking the 15 consecutive years’ services of the eminent football player. In his playing career, he played many matches in different size – international competitions or minor tournaments.

In 2002, Irish soccer lost its favorite son for the passing away of Paddy Ambrose. He was 73. Throughout his whole life, Paddy Ambrose, known as a football player with hooped jerseys, was a gifted forward, and starred with his friend Liam Tuohy in the football club.

Remarks on Paddy Ambrose by Liam Tuohy are as follows:

“Although he was not bulky, he was strong, naturally fit, and an excellent center-forward.”

“After 36 years have passed, he is still the record holder of 109 League goals.”