Casemiro was born in São José dos Campos, Brazil on Feb. 23, 1992. When he was young, he received systematical training in São Paulo FC. He became a captain of the São Paulo FC’s youth group. In July 2010, he accomplished his first appearance for Série A. In August 15 of the same year, he won his first goal in a competition with Cruzeiro Esporte Clube. Played as a defensive midfielder, he was loaned to Real Madrid of Spain. In April 2013, he complete the first appearance in la Liga. In July 2014, he was loaned to Fc Porto for a season. Having capped for Portugal in 40 matches, he totally scored four goals for the team, including a free kick in a match against FC Basel.

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Known for his diligence and decisive potential, he was gradually equipped with some characteristics of a leader. In terms of individual goals, he also eagers to become a critical figure of the Brazil national football team. As an excellent current professional football player of Real Madrid, he will resume writing a legend belonging to himself.

Rafael Carioca

Rafael Carioca was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Jan. 16, 1989. Played as a defensive Midfielder of Brazil, he plays an important role in fierce competitions with many football teams. When has was young, he started leaning football and showed great interests to football. Not only raw talents, but also unremitting efforts and constant footsteps are factors propelled his progress, turning to be an excellent football player of Brazil national football team.

Rafael Carioca

For outstanding performance on football fields, he became a player of the first team. Rafael Carioca was sent back to the youth group for bad performances. He was given another chance for higher position and more opportunities for important matches. Fortunately, he gradually caught attention of coach for good achievements on football fields, taking good advantage of the second chance in his playing career. He is also known for good records in matches, with only five yellow cards in the season. On Aug. 22, he played for Brazil senior group in a match against Ecuador and Colombia.